Arapaha – Discover a lifestyle in balance with the planet

We design and create in a different way. We combine science with aesthetics and make all our design choices to have a minimum footprint. All our products are fossil free. And we design to maximize the reuse of materials. Enjoy, repair, re-sell, give away or return your Arapaha products. We turn them into new products. Over and over again.

The way we consume – in a linear economy – has caused us to treat products like they’re disposable. Fast fashion and large-scale production of items have caused us to lose the personal relationship we can have with the items in our house. At Arapaha we want to change this. We design our products so they are an expression of the balance between design, beauty, values, circularity and care for our planet. Through the focus on the true values of life, a choice for the simple things, you can experience joy while entering a circular way of living. For example we are working on fully biobased rugs that can be fully recycled as well. The carbon footprint of these rugs is 70 % lower compared to classic rugs and when we recycle them again a massive reduction of carbon footprint is possible.

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